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Jingle Bells

October 28th, 2006 at 08:45 pm

Now you guys have done it. I've begun Christmas shopping. Actually, I am really excited about it. Got a spreadsheet for Christmas budget and have already reorganized my boxes and paper and ribbon. I have bought a couple of things and have made a list of ideas. This is weird. The only time I have done it this early was the year my DS was born and I had it done by that summer. That was a looonnnggg time ago.

DD came home for a Halloween party. She went as a ladybug and her girl pal went as a martini. They were so cute.

Spent some money today. Have turned Hubby onto the used bookstore. He still doesn't use the library, but I'm working on that. He just doesn't really like hardbacks. But we bought several books at the used store. I also went and bought some things to make a couple of gifts. So most of our buying was frugal. It's funny to hear him now. He now wants to save so much to add to retirement, he is pushing for us to learn to save more. So I guess we will have a two-pronged plan. I will be paying down the debt, while he keeps me on the path of saving. Will be doing both to satisfy each other. At least it is progress in both directions!

DD has an opportunity to go to France next summer with a teacher and group. Wow, last year DS was supposed to go to England and Austria to play music, but he got sick right before the trip. The cool thing is that DD is starting to tighten up her spending and her budget so she can save us some money and be able to go. If we hadn't gotten on the bandwagon this early, there would have been no way. But it just might be doable if we keep trying. I sure hope so. It would be a victory for us as well as for her. We are working together and that is awesome. She just really can't take the time to work this semester and we are really happy with the time she is putting into her schoolwork. So working together, we just might pull this off. She is making her Christmas gifts this year, also. She is so creative, I will probably get ideas from her. Now, I am planning to head on over to a couple of thrift stores I have found.....

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