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October 20th, 2006 at 10:00 am

Hubby's company has a dumb way of doing things. I know that it has a reason, but it is driving me nuts. In September, someone who has access to my Hubby's corporate card number charged 1100+ of some seminar thingy that someone else went to on it. Someone in his group I think went, but Hubby had no idea this is what they were going to do with the card. The procedure is that it goes on a computer program that sends it off the be approved and the money put automatically in our bank account to pay for it. Which it never seems to get there in time. But I always thought it was cos Hubby just doesn't get around to it. Well, this charge went on in Sept. It is now a week past the due date on the credit card and no money. The guy who approves of it for him has been transferred to another part of the company in another city. And he didn't approve it yet. So Hubby calls around and finds where to send it and does so. A week later, still no money. It was kicked out unapproved. They said to get this guy to approve it. But he doesn't work here anymore! So I am sitting on an 1100 bill that I am supposed to pay and wait for them to decide to pay me? I don't think so. So I just called Hubby and he said that the guy was in the plant for the day and got him to approve it. It will now take another week to get the money cos they only put it in on Thursdays. Now, I really, really hope this card is not on my credit report! The new card came in the mail and I have to call to activate it. I think I'll just let it lie there. Hubby can use his mastercard and those people who have his number can figure out something else. This is so frustratinggggggg! I have been crazy over this before but it is usually a couple of hundred and something my Hubby has used on a business trip. Not someone else's stuff and 1100! Do they really think people can do that? Even though the money is going to be paid, that is a crazy thing to expect people to do! I am getting a headache.....

1 Responses to “Frustration!!!!”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    All that does sound frustrating. We had a similar situation with church once where they wanted to make large internet purchases but the church didn't have a credit card, so we put it on our card. Pfpht! Finally got them their own card!

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