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September 27th, 2006 at 02:04 pm

Wow. My head is spinning. Having to reorganize my auto and home insurances. I spent the last hour and half with the insurance people. I have a great home ins. agent to work with. His office people are terrific. They spent so much time trying to update everything and fill me in on all the changes in the policies. Seems that the insurance company told them that they were dropping windstorm coverage if the policy holders didn't have the car insurance with them also. This is standard I think now within the industry. Since we live in hurricane zones, we have to have windstorm. But our auto policy was with a company from WAY before we bought the house. So I hated to leave them. Not only are they great, they are well priced. But times they are achanging. The house agents weren't even told about the change until AFTER the deadline. So they aren't happy either. Either way, I think I will win out. The house agents are awesome and they did so well after the storm. After some of the horror stories (some people still don't have their money and can't live in their homes), I like my company a lot. So I'll get it all straightened out. But my head is going nuts from all these figures! I am glad I have started budgeting cos it looks like all the new stuff will cost more each month. So I can see what I can afford within my budget. Helps me not to panic as much. Oh well, this is life....

1 Responses to “Insurances”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    No these kinds of changes are never fun! Good for you for facing head on what needs rearranging!

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