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Fun things I learned....

September 24th, 2006 at 01:16 pm

A news station here set up a blog for information, frustration, and a way for people to connect to each other during our Hurricane Rita "vacation." One of the items was: Fun things I learned during Hurricane Rita. Boy, I wished I had written them down before they were removed after we came back. People kept such a great sense of humor despite all that we went through. In honor of the first year anniversary (today) of Hurricane Rita, here are some of my fun things.
1. Your daughter in law will forgive her in laws from moving in after only three months of marriage, but after three weeks, your dogs will drive her nuts.
2. Toilet tissue is a hot commodity. People and evacuees where we were staying stripped the shelves to prepare for the damage the storm would also bring their way. Police were called due to a fight over the last package of toilet paper.
3. To save the car left behind, you WILL manage to get it in the garage for the first time in 10 years.
4. It takes 16 hours to drive a 2 and 1/2 hour drive if you average 5 mph. most of the way.
5. When the CD player in the truck goes on the fritz, you will go crazy after listening to the same CD for 5 hours. We only had news on the stations until then. And we couldn't take out the CD or it wouldn't work.
6. Your kids will insist on your renting and catching up on the show LOST that you have never seen cos they don't want to have to explain everything.
7. Kids hate to live without TV. Electricity and cable were out for a few days even where we evacuated. Electricity got back online first.
8. Your husband will think you are clairvoyant when you insist that he take a battery lantern with him when he reevacuates to another city to help prepare for cleanup/repairs in the plants. The lights WILL go out on him as he opens his motel door.
9. The roof of the house will sustain holes, but son's old junk car will not have any damage whatsoever. (Course it was hard to tell)
10. Those tranquilizers you got from the vet for the dogs do end up saving your sanity.
11. My daughter found out that you can fit five people, a cat, and a pit bull in a one bedroom apartment for a couple of days with no air and overflowing toilet. She took in a friend's family.
12. And all around you, there are kindnesses from all kinds of people.
Here's to all of those still getting back on their feet. Especially those without homes still. God bless.

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  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Those were nice JanH!

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