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The Pirate

September 17th, 2006 at 11:25 am

Hurricane Rita did a number on fences around here (among the other things). Since roofs are more important and insured, almost everybody in the neighborhood has gotten their new roofs. We live inches apart here (coming from a mini farm growing up it is a switch) so fences help keep the pets and littlest kiddoes from climbing on stuff and getting hurt in your yard. Our neighbor on the right got a bid for his fence and we asked for one too since the neighbor behind us isn't replacing his. The bid was a bit high and we are learning to save in advance for these things, so we decided to wait. I was curious though to see how the fence would come out. The 3 person crew was unusual. In addition to boss guy, there was a small, frail person (gender unknown) and a tall, broad shouldered person dressed like a pirate (also, gender unknown due to hair and dress styles). After the fence was finished, I ran into neighbor who was coming home from work and we inspected the fence. He told me that the boss guy hired physically challenged persons(small woman on dialysis) and mentally challenged persons (tall guy in pirate clothes--neighbor's words this time not mine). Now, my grandmother drove a school bus for years for challenged kids of all kinds. She tried to teach everyone the worthwhile value of all human beings. (She had lost two of her own.) So this touched me. I am still going to save up ahead instead of habits of the past, but I think I'd like to give this guy a call even though he is a bit expensive. I like what he's doing. And who knows, I might get to chat with a pirate....

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  1. princessperky Says:

    Huh, now that is kind of cool

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