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Ahhh the workboots....

September 14th, 2006 at 02:53 pm

Poor hubby. he is the most generous soul on the planet--except to himself. After not batting an eyelash paying 350 to fix my car again, he agonized over his workboots. Every three or four years, he has to replace the steel-toed boots he wears in the chemical plant after they give up the ghost. He even went and scouted them out and found a sale, but couldn't buy them. I actually have to go with him to pay for them. I talked him into a little more expensive pair that has better fit and a better heel for climbing all that equipment he has to inspect. Then I paid for them. I got an idea from you guys. If I took an envelope, labeled it workboots and put one dollar a week into it, he'll have more than enough money in three years to pay outright for it. I stuck the envelope on the picture board near my computer. He looked at me funny, but then the light bulb went off over his head. This just might work folks. Thanks guys!

2 Responses to “Ahhh the workboots....”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    This is truly a sweet story! The Hubster is the same way with me...generous to a fault. Have to browbeat the guy into doing right by himself. He had a tooth filling come out last week and he said he was just going to have the tooth pulled because it was cheaper! No NO NOOOO!! No snaggle tooth for us!! Duh! What a guy! We have the money in our Med/Dent/Vision Fund to pay for the new filling! Silly Rabbit!

    Your husband sounds very nice! I think your idea is great JanH.

  2. Bookie Says:

    It's a sensible and obvious approach to a recurring expense. BUT . . . it only becomes effective when someone labels that envelope, makes those weekly deposits, and lets the money accumulate for its intended purpose.

    Congratulations on being that person. Smile

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